100-Day Project

A process, a journey sans predetermined destination

Seeking Patterns & Searching for ‘the Why’Hey y’all! It’s Carmen here, with a reflection and discussion for Day 40 of the 100-day project.
Celebrating the first 35 days of the 100-day project
A ConfessionA confession: Between getting discharged from the hospital and moving into a new house last week, I totally lost the plot on my 100-day project.
Habit-StackingAbout a week ago, a community member mentioned she was adding a doodle to her daily journaling practice. She was “habit-stacking,” she said.
Show Up & the Muse Will TooPeople always ask me about the line from my book: “To learn to swim in the ocean of not-knowing—this is my constant work.”
Crowdsourcing Advice for Making it Stick: On AccountabilityHey y’all! For those of you who are new here, I’m Carmen, Suleika’s friend and Isolation Journals comrade. My biggest anxiety when it comes to t…
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